Frequently Asked Questions

Q; Why should we use your service to drive our car home?

A; Easy to use with less hassle. Leave home with your family at your convenience and all can enjoy the event, comfortable in the knowledge that we will be there at the pre arranged time to take you, your family and your car home safely.

Q; Are your drivers licenced and experienced?

A; Yes all of our drivers are licenced and experienced with collectively over 30 years experience within the passenger transport industry.

Q; What do you mean by we Drive you?

A; We drive you means you can drive your private vehicle to where you need to go, then call Take Yours and pre book a time for them to come and get you and your vehicle to take you home.
It could also mean Take Yours could come and transport you personally to and from your destination.

Q; What area do you pickup and drive to on the Sunshine Coast?

A; Take Yours will pick up anywhere on the Sunshine Coast as requested, as long as we are given ample prior notice or pre booked. Long distance jobs may be quoted but paid for at time of pick up.

Q; Are you better than Uber?

A; Yes we are because we are locally owned, fully insured and we operate with the approval of the Queensland Transport Department. We also offer more options that Uber or Taxis do not provide.

Q; Are you insured to drive my car?

A; Take Yours is fully indemnified with $20 million worth of Public Liability Cover, as well as comprehensive driver at fault insurance. Proof of this cover will be shown on request.

Q; How many people can you transport and
can we put people in your support vehicle?

A; We are legally obligated to carry no more people than there is seat belts fitted.

Should we have an overflow we can transport up to 4 people to the same destination in our support vehicle.

Q; Is there a charge for transporting in the support vehicle?

A; If there is an overflow of passengers from a vehicle transfer the support vehicle may transport up to 4 people at a small fee of $5.00 per head if going to the same destination as the vehicle being returned.

Q; Are you cheaper than a Taxi?

A; Yes we are because you only pay for your trip home instead of a fare out and a fare home.

Q; How are your prices calculated?

A; Take Yours calculate all prices on a per kilometre basis plus booking fee where applicable. However we are quite willing to give solid confirmed quotes if requested.

Q; Do you cater for children?

A; If Take Yours are transferring your vehicle it is assumed that your vehicle will be fitted with appropriate safety devices already. However if Take Yours are transferring passengers in their company vehicle then they will be governed by current road safety legislation.

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