Developing a forward-thinking culture of Not Drinking and Driving on the Sunshine Coast – Dial a Driver Instead!

You can still have a good time and let us be your designated driver.

What’s better than being chauffeur driven in the comfort of your own car?

All we ask is to pre book a time at least 1 hour in advance with the pickup & drop off address, make, model & registration of your car. It’s that easy! Our drivers are fully insured to drive your car. We are meeting all Queensland Transport guidelines.

We also do airport transfers to and from the airport.

If you’re out without your car we can still pick you up and get you to where you need to go.

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“Take Yours” was founded in 2016 and is purely designed to fill a void in the passenger transport industry on the Sunshine Coast.

We at “Take Yours” realised there must be another way to allow people to go out and enjoy themselves then get home safely afterwards without spending too much money on cab fares.

Our mission at “Take Yours” is to get you, your family and your car home safe and sound. To commit to providing honest and reliable customer service. Develop forward thinking culture of not drinking and driving but pre preparing.

“Take Yours” is fully indemnified with all necessary insurance covers  and comply with Queensland Transport Regulations thus giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We also do airport transfers and if you’re out without your car we can still pick you up and transport you to wherever you wish to go. Our aim is to supply that special option to the marketplace at a cheaper alternative than return fares in a taxi or Uber.

We firmly believe that the Sunny Coast is yet to realise it’s true potential and we are aiming to help it make that realisation.

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Our Team

Jeff Williamson

Jeff “Swampy” Williamson

Jeff has worked within the taxi industry here on the Sunshine Coast for over 16 years now.

Last year he decided to leave taxi driving and set up a new business “Take Yours” as he thought there was a void within the passenger transport industry for a cheaper alternative.

Jeff was born in Cairns and moved to Brisbane when he was 15. He moved to the Sunny Coast with his family in 1980 and has been here ever since.

He became heavily involved with sports on the Coast but none more than basketball. He has coached and played at higher levels of basketball in Western Australia and here in Queensland.

Darren Weston

Looking for Drivers
Part or Full Time
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Do you have a love of the Sunshine Coast? Are you reliable and have a current clean drivers licence? Do you want flexibility on hours you are able to work or looking for an extra part time income?

Please contact us to join a great team of drivers and support crew who look after the Sunshine Coast’s responsible drivers. We get them and their cars home safely.

Be part of a fast growing team showing the Sunshine Coast that there are better solutions to taxis and Uber.

Be part of our exciting growth. Please call Jeff now


Client Testimonials

“Swampy’s transport service is the best on the coast. We have been using his service for the past five years and will continue to use his exceptional service for many years to come.

Swampy is extremely reliable, always willing to transport us to anywhere at any given time. He provides a great standard of service that is well priced and a very safe and dependable ride. His concept of ‘you drink we drive’ (co driver) is brilliant, allowing your car to arrive home just as safely as yourself.

We love that we can call Swampy at any time and he will be there with a friendly smile and great conversation, to drive us to our destination. Thanks for your wonderful five years of service!”

Cory and Louise

“How good is this service. Patrons drive their car to Alex Bar & Grill, enjoy their night out and then Swampy and the crew from Take Yours, come and take them and their car home safely. Everyone’s a winner. Great job Swampy.”

Richie, Owner – Alex Bar & Grill

“Thank you Swampy for coming at short notice and patiently helping lift my (designated driver) off the floor and getting her, my car and myself home safely. You offer a quality service at a very reasonable rate.”

Keven Frew, Owner – Frew Signs

“For all those times whether it is just a beer after work or a night out you don’t want anyone to know about, it is the service that caters for your needs. Friends and family…this is the answer”

Grant Thomas, Owner – Maroochy Surf School

“We’ve been using Jeff as our primary driver service on the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years. He is always on time, he’ll let you know when is the best time to be collected to save waiting and has always been polite, his cars always spotless and we always have a great chat on the way to or from our events.

His new service takes the sting out having to collect your car the next morning. We love it. Thanks!”

Darryl Olson, My Weekly Preview

My Weekly Preview

“I’ve been utilizing Jeffs driving service way back when he was a taxi driver. When he made the transition into driving for himself, I had no hesitation using him for all my driving needs. He is courteous, reliable and always available . It’s like having your own limo driver, One call and he is there, or at least only one trip way. The take yours service is so convenient too …. getting you and your car home safely and not having to deal with it hungover the next day. Awesome service!”

Andy Fidler, Owner – Rapid Hire Sunshine Coast

“For the past three years once a week Swampy has been my private taxi service home. He is so friendly, reliable & professional. I would highly recommend his car service to anyone.”

Kristin O’Connor, Owner – Assembly Hair

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We are here to help with all these services as well as personal drivers to take your car home with our support car following.